Juliet balcony in Kidderminster

Juliet balcony in Kidderminster

Juliet Balcony in Kidderminster

Origin recently completed this installation of a Skyforce Juliet balcony in Kidderminster. Once again Origin set innovative trends with the Skyforce fall protection for Juliet balconies. Skyforce was (and we think still is!) the first practically invisible system application. What is even better is that is the best and most cost effective system on the market. We don’t think that there is any system that can be mounted as quickly and as easily as Skyforce.

The Skyforce face fixed profiles are 50mm wide. On this application in Kidderminster, the width of the outside window frames was only 30mm. This wasn’t a problem for us. Working with our customer we recommended that rather than having a face fixed Skyforce balcony, they instead went for a side fixed version. The profiles were supplied from stock in a natural anodised finish. We did offer the customer the opportunity to powder coat the profiles to a particular RAL but they were very happy with the standard natural anodised finish (which is a smart dark silver).

Measuring the glass with the side fixed profile could not be easier. You simply measure from outside of profile to outside of profile and deduct 45mm. You can then calculate the width of the panel. In this instance it wasn’t much over 1000mm wide. We recommended that the customer use 17.5mm toughened laminate glass. We delivered the profile to the customer on a next day delivery. The lead time on the glass was in this instance not much more than a week. The customer could not believe the lead times!

In terms of the fixings, the customer was fixing into concrete. We supplied Ficher anchor bolts to allow the customer to complete the installation. The customer was concerned to ensure that the balcony fully complied with building regulations. We subsequently supplied them with a test certificate showing that the balcony had been fully tested to the required line load test which for a domestic balcony at height.

The customer was absolutely delighted with the end result. She had a safe and secure Juliet Balcony that looked fantastic in her home in Kidderminster.

You can contact us on 0113 277 4316, or email us at sales@originarchitectural.co.uk to get started on your own bespoke glass balcony. Use our automatic online quote generator to receive a price within minutes.


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PLEASE NOTE: Measurement is taken from outside of profile to outside of profile.

Skyforce Top Mount according Test BS 6180 (0,74 kN/m)Tested to Aluminium
1000mm 12.76mm 300mm – 1100mm
1700mm 16.76mm 300mm – 1100mm
3000mm 21.52mm 500mm – 1100mm
(According test BS 6180) Tested on the basis that the minimum thickness of the aluminium frame is 1.4mm.   FIXING TO PVC FRAME SkyForce Top Mount Tested to Plastic According to the German Standard ETB Directive
1600mm 12.76mm 700mm-1200mm
2100mm 16.76mm (17.52) 900mm-1200mm
2600mm 21.52mm 800mm-1100mm
Tested on the basis that the metal insert in the frame is a minimum of 1.5mm in thickness. I attach a copy of the test report which is in German but which I think we can include anyway.   FIXING TO STEEL OR CONCRETE Skyforce is fully tested at a height of 1.1m up to a width of 3m when fixed to steel or concrete.
Glass H = Glass Height L = Glass Length Working Line Load
6.62 min. 300mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
6.62 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 300mm < 500mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 600mm - max. 1100mm max. 1700mm 1.5 kN/m
8.84 min. 300mm < 600mm max. 1700mm 0.74 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 300mm < 500mm max. 500mm 3.0 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
10.10.4 1100mm max. 3000mm 0.74 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 300mm < 1100mm max. 3000mm 0.36 kN/m
FIXED TO TIMBER OR STONE/BRICKWORK   No test data available.   For more comprehensive test data, click here