Juliet Balconies

Juliet Balconies at Unbeatable Prices

Juliet Balconies are now a popular and cost effective way of creating a balcony without having to make any structural changes to the building. They add light and space to any room. Here at Origin Architectural, we have a number of solutions which allow you to create the look that you want to achieve. Our technical team are on hand to offer free advice as to which application will work best for you. We are a one stop shop for all of the products that you will need for your Juliet balcony. As well as supplying all of the components and fixings we are also able to supply the glass for Juliet balconies cut to any size that you need. This is all available on short lead times at unbeatable prices. Try our Juliet Balcony designer tool now.

  • Skyforce

    Sky Force Juliet Balcony – Fall protection for French balconies is the first practically invisible system application; no system can be mounted more quickly or easily thanks to its unrivalled “slide & click” technique...

  • Ariel

    Our Ariel range is one of the most popular Juliet balcony systems on the market. Easy to fit and unobtrusive, it can be used for any number of applications. All of the Juliet balconies in our Ariel range are fabricated by us to your exact requirements.

  • Portia

    Our Portia range is one of the most popular Juliet balcony systems on the market. Easy to install, it provides the perfect frame for any balcony. There are no vertical posts with our Portia range allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted views from your balcony.

  • Othello

    Our Othello range of point fixings are one of our most popular solutions for a Juliet balcony. Structurally secure, they also provide you with that frameless look which allow you to enjoy unrivalled views from your Juliet.

  • Antonio

    For wider balconies we suggest using our Antonio range. This system can be fitted either through the base or the side of the channel. Included with our side fix channel is cladding to cover the fixing holes. Supplied to ANY width!

Planning Permission & Building Regulations

For information on building regulations relating to installation of balustrades and juliet balconies click here

Our Customers

We supply our glass Juliet balconies across the UK and internationally. We work with architects, property developers, construction companies, hotels, leisure centres and health clubs. Through excellent customer service and quality products we build long term, lasting with our customers that stand the test of time. Read our excellent customer reviews.

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PLEASE NOTE: Measurement is taken from outside of profile to outside of profile.

Skyforce Top Mount according Test BS 6180 (0,74 kN/m)Tested to Aluminium
1000mm 12.76mm 300mm – 1100mm
1700mm 16.76mm 300mm – 1100mm
3000mm 21.52mm 500mm – 1100mm
(According test BS 6180) Tested on the basis that the minimum thickness of the aluminium frame is 1.4mm.   FIXING TO PVC FRAME SkyForce Top Mount Tested to Plastic According to the German Standard ETB Directive
1600mm 12.76mm 700mm-1200mm
2100mm 16.76mm (17.52) 900mm-1200mm
2600mm 21.52mm 800mm-1100mm
Tested on the basis that the metal insert in the frame is a minimum of 1.5mm in thickness. I attach a copy of the test report which is in German but which I think we can include anyway.   FIXING TO STEEL OR CONCRETE Skyforce is fully tested at a height of 1.1m up to a width of 3m when fixed to steel or concrete.
Glass H = Glass Height L = Glass Length Working Line Load
6.62 min. 300mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
6.62 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 300mm < 500mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 600mm - max. 1100mm max. 1700mm 1.5 kN/m
8.84 min. 300mm < 600mm max. 1700mm 0.74 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 300mm < 500mm max. 500mm 3.0 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
10.10.4 1100mm max. 3000mm 0.74 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 300mm < 1100mm max. 3000mm 0.36 kN/m
FIXED TO TIMBER OR STONE/BRICKWORK   No test data available.   For more comprehensive test data, click here