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At Origin Architectural we supply bespoke glass balustrades, glass balconies, glass and stainless steel railing systems, juliet balconies, skyforce balconies, glass fencing, shower fittings and general architectural hardware. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire we supply our products to Architects, Builders, Property Developers, Glass Shops, the Health and Leisure Industry, and also to private homeowners too. Whether you are a business that requires our products on a large scale or a private individual who would like to install something within our product range into your home, we are on hand to help. Our experienced technical team is just a phone call away and are always there to advise you on the components that you need for your project. Once they understand your project, they will provide you with a quotation. We deliver our products, shower hardware, and all of our architectural products on short lead times across the UK and internationally. If your considering purchasing a glass channel system but you have questions relating to balustrade/glass channel installation, technical specifications or what to order, please refer to our frequently asked question document. We are always here to help and advise on the phone or by email so please get in touch.

Thanks for using our balustrade designer. A member of our team will be in touch with your quote shortly! Feel free to call us with any questions or comments on 01132 774316, or:

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PLEASE NOTE: Measurement is taken from outside of profile to outside of profile.

Skyforce Top Mount according Test BS 6180 (0,74 kN/m)Tested to Aluminium
1000mm 12.76mm 300mm – 1100mm
1700mm 16.76mm 300mm – 1100mm
3000mm 21.52mm 500mm – 1100mm
(According test BS 6180) Tested on the basis that the minimum thickness of the aluminium frame is 1.4mm.   FIXING TO PVC FRAME SkyForce Top Mount Tested to Plastic According to the German Standard ETB Directive
1600mm 12.76mm 700mm-1200mm
2100mm 16.76mm (17.52) 900mm-1200mm
2600mm 21.52mm 800mm-1100mm
Tested on the basis that the metal insert in the frame is a minimum of 1.5mm in thickness. I attach a copy of the test report which is in German but which I think we can include anyway.   FIXING TO STEEL OR CONCRETE Skyforce is fully tested at a height of 1.1m up to a width of 3m when fixed to steel or concrete.
Glass H = Glass Height L = Glass Length Working Line Load
6.62 min. 300mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
6.62 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 300mm < 500mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 600mm - max. 1100mm max. 1700mm 1.5 kN/m
8.84 min. 300mm < 600mm max. 1700mm 0.74 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 300mm < 500mm max. 500mm 3.0 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
10.10.4 1100mm max. 3000mm 0.74 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 300mm < 1100mm max. 3000mm 0.36 kN/m
FIXED TO TIMBER OR STONE/BRICKWORK   No test data available.   For more comprehensive test data, click here