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Glass Adapters

Glass adapters from Origin Architectural are available from stock and are ideal for attaching glass components to metal hardware. Available as part of our Balustrade Components collection, you can choose from stainless steel, flat glass adapters and stainless steel, tube glass adapters. Both types of glass adapters are available in different grades of stainless steel and different dimensions to fit different sized tubes or to accommodate different glass thickness.

Our Adapters Products

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Adapters For Glass Adapter Flat
From £4.35
Adapters For Glass Adapter Tube
From £4.35
Flat Glass Adapter 30mm
From £9.65
Flat Glass Adapter 50mm
From £10.00
Tube Glass Adapter 30mm
From £7.50
Glass Adapter Spider
From £30.70

Technical overview

Glass Adapters

Our range of glass adapters are sold in either grade 304 or 316. They have either a 30mm or 50mm diameter. Our glass adapters are designed to fit either to tube or are flat and fit directly on to glass. Our glass adapters are supplied with the screws attached. 

We stock a range of spiders in grade 304 and 316. There are single and double arm spiders. The adapters for spiders are supplied separately.