Origin Architectural

Handrail Products

Our wide range of tube clamps are designed for simple and cost effective installation. No welding is required. They can simply be installed with the use of an Allen key. They are manufactured from galvanised steel and can be used for all types of safety railings. All fittings are galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461. 

Our clamps can be used for any application. Any change of direction or gradient is catered for. Our sales team are on hand to provide you with any technical advice that you may need.

Our Handrail Products

90 Degree Elbow
From £3.80
Adjustable Cross 30 - 45 Degrees
From £12.50
Adjustable Tee 30 - 60 Degrees
From £4.82
Base Flange
From £6.53
Centre Cross
From £8.46
Clamp on Crossover
From £3.35
Clamp on Tee
From £3.63
Combined Tee & Crossover
From £5.39
Corner Double Swivel
From £9.00
From £3.35
Double Mesh Panel Clip
From £1.87
Double Swivel Connection
From £8.96
Double Swivel Male part
From £2.78
Double Swivel Male Part
From £2.89
External Connector
From £3.63
Gate Eye
From £3.69
Gate Hinge Pin
From £4.39
Ground Socket
From £30.52
Handrail Wall Bracket
From £4.32
Internal Connector
From £3.91
Internal Swivel Tee
From £4.61
Long Sloping Tee 0-11 degrees
From £7.54
Long Tee
From £5.11
Middle Rail Corner
From £3.74
Middle Rail Cross
From £3.69
Short Sloping Tee 0-11 degreed
From £7.98
Short Swivel Tee
From £5.90
Short Tee
From £2.78
Side Outlet
From £4.54
Side Palm
From £8.42
Side Support Vertical Base
From £11.45
Single Mesh Panel Clip
From £1.40
Single Swivel Combination
From £5.11
Single Swivel Female Part
From £2.95
Single Swivel Male Part
From £2.95
Sloping Base Flange 0-11 degrees
From £11.85
Sloping Cross 0 - 11 Degrees
From £6.77
Sloping Elbow 0-11 degrees
From £6.11
Swivel Floor Fixing
From £8.05
Top Rail Corner
From £5.50
Variable Elbow Connector
From £7.10
Wall Flange
From £3.85