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Juliet Balcony Round End Fittings

Our round end fittings and slotted tube are one of our most popular applications when installing a Juliet Balcony. The fixings are installed on the walls besides the opening. They are supplied in grade 316 stainless steel with the cap rail and the gasket. The end fittings are designed to accommodate a 42mm slotted tube. We can cut the slotted tube to any length that you require to fit exactly the façade of your Juliet balcony.


This application is designed to accommodate glass thickness of anything from 8mm to 21.5mm. We can supply the glass to fit exactly the opening of your balcony together  with the rubber gasket to fit the slotted tube.

Our Juliet Balcony Round End Fittings

Filter by Grade
End Fitting (Right)
From £48.00
End Fitting (Left)
From £48.00
Rubber profiles
From £46.68
Stainless steel round slotted tube
From £138.00