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Juliet Balcony Kits

Here at Origin we can fabricate either a single door or double door Juliet balcony to your exact specification. This kit is supplied with the glass. They can be fabricated using either 42mm or 48mm tube and fittings. Our technical team can advise you on which is most appropriate for you. All of our kits are fabricated by our in house team using our own saw and drill line.






Our Juliet Balcony Kit Products

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Fixed Slab Bracket
From £44.95
Handrail Adapters 42.4 Upright
From £7.70
Handrail Adapters 48.3 Upright
From £9.10
Middle D Glass Clamp 10mm Glass
From £3.50
Middle D Glass Clamp 12mm Glass
From £9.50
Stainless Steel Round Tube
From £139.20