Here at Origin we can supply and deliver glass anywhere in the UK. Our glass panels are supplied with polished edges and radius corners. On request we can supply glass with up to 4 holes per panel to accommodate any fixing. We can supply toughened glass in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm and toughened laminate glass in 13.5mm, 17.5mm, 21.5mm and 25.5mm. On request we can also supply shaped panels, heat soaking, screen printing and sand blasting. Our glass is supplied at highly competitive rates. Please call our technical team today for a quote.

  • Annealed Glass Bending

    When heat is applied to flat glass, annealed glass bending can be achieved. By softening the glass, we can mould it to a standard template or one designed via CAD software.

  • Balustrade Glass

    Our world-class glass manufacturers have worked with many high-end projects creating a huge variety of balustrading, glass cladding & infill panels.

  • Curved Glass

    Our bespoke curved glass can be toughened, laminated or annealed, and has a huge range of potential uses, such as office windows, shopfronts or custom-built shower screens.

  • Glow Heated Glass

    A brand new, innovative glazing technology that is taking the industry by storm! We heat our glass slowly and electronically to provide solid, sturdy and reliable glow heated glass.

  • Heat Soaked Glass

    Heat soaked glass is perfect for projects requiring an extra level of safety by significantly reducing the risk of unforced breakage.

  • Laminated Glass

    Laminated glass made from two or more layers and an interlayer between them. It is ideal if safety is a priority without compromising on aesthetics.

  • Screen Printed Glass

    We can personalise our glass with screen-printing, etching or a variety of other means to add your logo, a design, pattern or anything else you might require.

  • Structural Glass

    We provide structural glass that's been used for glass flooring, shop front glazing, glass walkways, entrance canopies, glass bridges and much more.

  • Toughened Glass

    We can supply toughened glass in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm. These toughened glass solutions are great for safety & security.

We offer a huge range of glass balustrades!

At Origin Architectural we can provide you with Railing Systems and Balustrade solutions that suit the requirements of any project. Be its ease of installation, safety or aesthetics we can advise you on which products in our range are most appropriate for you. We pride ourselves on stocking products that are all rigorously tested and sold with certification from internationally recognised testing institutions, so when you buy a balustrade from Origin Architectural, you know your installation is in safe hands.

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PLEASE NOTE: Measurement is taken from outside of profile to outside of profile.

Skyforce Top Mount according Test BS 6180 (0,74 kN/m)Tested to Aluminium
1000mm 12.76mm 300mm – 1100mm
1700mm 16.76mm 300mm – 1100mm
3000mm 21.52mm 500mm – 1100mm
(According test BS 6180) Tested on the basis that the minimum thickness of the aluminium frame is 1.4mm.   FIXING TO PVC FRAME SkyForce Top Mount Tested to Plastic According to the German Standard ETB Directive
1600mm 12.76mm 700mm-1200mm
2100mm 16.76mm (17.52) 900mm-1200mm
2600mm 21.52mm 800mm-1100mm
Tested on the basis that the metal insert in the frame is a minimum of 1.5mm in thickness. I attach a copy of the test report which is in German but which I think we can include anyway.   FIXING TO STEEL OR CONCRETE Skyforce is fully tested at a height of 1.1m up to a width of 3m when fixed to steel or concrete.
Glass H = Glass Height L = Glass Length Working Line Load
6.62 min. 300mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
6.62 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 300mm < 500mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
8.84 min. 600mm - max. 1100mm max. 1700mm 1.5 kN/m
8.84 min. 300mm < 600mm max. 1700mm 0.74 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 300mm < 500mm max. 500mm 3.0 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 500mm - max. 1100mm max. 1100mm 3.0 kN/m
10.10.4 1100mm max. 3000mm 0.74 kN/m
10.10.4 min. 300mm < 1100mm max. 3000mm 0.36 kN/m
FIXED TO TIMBER OR STONE/BRICKWORK   No test data available.   For more comprehensive test data, click here