Why choose GRP for your project

Why choose GRP for your project
Glass reinforced plastic is a composite material with numerous applications. It is lightweight yet very strong making it an excellent alternative to more traditional materials. In comparison to steel it has a far higher strength to weight ration. It is up to 60% lighter than steel. 

 Its gritted surface give GRP exceptional anti slip properties. As a result it is commonly used in health and safety critical applications such as walkways, platforms and trench covers. 

Aesthetically,  GRP is chosen by a number of our customers for the finish that it gives to any construction project. In particular it is used for vertical screens, facades and fences. It is also chosen for its non sparkling properties. 
GRP is a lightweight material and is very easy to fabricate. It can be moulded into any shape and is  popular on a number of architectural applications. Bespoke mouldings can be used to produce an enormous range of GRP products. It can be easily fitted on to concrete, steel or timber. 

GRP is a durable material and does not corrode. It is completely water resistant.  GRP has low conductivity, good chemical resistance and is non magnetic. Over a fifty year life cycle it is likely to need very little maintenance. While it may be more expensive initially than more traditional materials such as timber, aluminium or steel, over the lifetime of project it is likely to be substantially cheaper in terms of the amount of maintenance it will need and the amount of time that it will last. 

GRP is particularly popular in the transport, utility and oil and gas sector.   

At Origin Architectural we stock standard GRP panels in a number of different panel and mesh sizes. It is produced in numerous colours. The most popular are green, yellow and grey all of which we stock. On request however, we can supply any number of colours. In addition we stock GRP stair covers, nosing and stair treads. GRP is not however simply sold as standard panels or as stair covers. We can also supply products such as structural profiles, handrails and ladders all manufactured from GRP. 

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