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With our range of tube, cap rail and the associated components any design is possible. Our range of connectors, allows you to join tube to tube and tube to wall at any conceivable angle. If you are installing in tight corners or on uneven surfaces our products provide a practical solution to every challenge. All of our connectors are designed to fit perfectly with our tube.

Our Tube Products

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Stainless steel tube
From £139.20
Stainless bar
From £46.00
Stainless steel rectangular slotted tube
From £406.96
Stainless steel round slotted tube
From £138.00
Stainless steel square slotted tube
From £325.66
Stainless steel oval slotted tube
From £359.50
180° Tee
From £17.20
90° Tee
From £16.75
Connectors 135° Elbow radiused
From £14.15
0-50° Adjustable Wall Connector
From £36.40