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Glass Clamps

We stock clamps with a number of different finishes. From brushed or polished stainless steel to raw uncoated zintec or matt chromium plated and powder coated zintec our designs and coatings give a sleek and unique finish. Our priority with all the products that we sell is safety. It goes without saying that balustrades that are partly composed of glass must never be allowed to break even under the most extreme strain. Included with the glass clamps that we sell are the safety pins and the rubbers that are inserted between the glass and the clamp. 

Our Glass Clamps Products

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Base Glass Clamp Top Mount
From £95.25
Cover For Base Glass Clamp
From £7.80
End Round Glass Clamp 10-12mm Glass
From £16.25
Glass Connector 180 Degree 10mm Glass
From £27.10
Glass Connector 90 Degree 10mm Glass
From £33.85
Large Square Clamp 12-17.5mm Glass
From £22.65
Middle D Glass Clamp 10mm Glass
From £3.50
Middle D Glass Clamp 12mm Glass
From £9.50
Middle Round Glass Clamp 10-12mm
From £16.25
Middle Square Glass Clamp 12mm Glass
From £15.75
Small Square Glass Clamp 10mm Glass
From £3.45

Technical Overview

Glass Clamps

Ou glass clamps are designed to suit either 10mm or 12mm glass. They are either flat backed or moulded to suit 42.4mm or 48.3mm tube. Four clamps are provided with every box sold. They are stocked in either satin polished grade 304 or 316 and in some case zinc raw or a zinc stainless finish.

As an alternative to our channel systems, you may consider our base mount clamps. These are sold in grade 316. The cover for the base mount is sold separately. The base mount is designed to accommodate the following glass thicknesses: 12mm, 12,76mm, 13,52mm, 15mm, 16.76mm and 17.52mm.