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Baluster Brackets

Baluster Brackets or handrail brackets from Origin Architectural are available as either fixed or adjustable stainless steel brackets, designed to give you the flexibility you need to complete your next architectural installation. They are ideal for connecting upright balustrade posts to wall and corner surfaces and are available to fit either 42.4 mm or 48.3 mm tubes. Browse our collection of different stainless steel baluster brackets below.

Our Baluster Brackets Products

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Baluster Bracket
From £18.95
Adjustable Baluster Bracket
From £86.50
Fixed Slab Bracket
From £44.95
Angle Adjustable Baluster Bracket
From £63.45
Angle Not Adjustable Baluster Bracket
From £53.10
Baluster Bracket - Tube Clamp
From £15.75

Technical Overview

Baluster Brackets

Our baluster brackets can accommodate either 42.4 mm or 48.3 mm tube. They are sold in either grade 304 or 316 stainless steel. You can purchase baluster brackets either with the angle of the bracket fixed or adjustable when fixed to the wall. The tube to be used with the baluster bracket is sold separately. Tube can be cut to any size that you require.